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Sowieso in September 2011

September 2011Posted by Marc van der Kemp Sat, August 27, 2011 09:02PM
Weisestr. 24
12049 Berlin-Neukölln
U8 Boddinstr. - Leinestr.


Three days Workshop of Music with Tristan Honsinger
29 - 30 September - 01 October 2011 / 15.00 - 18.00 h

"I am your guide to investigate the possibilities of improvisation in a group using strategies such us using text and musical and visual signs to discover the importance of the individual and his or her way to become part of ensemble work in the many approches to become one in sound silence and movement.

This music workshop is open to any level of competence just as long as you are coming to experience the unknown throught your openess to what is within and what is outside.”

Vibration. Concentration. Awareness. Humility. Compassion

Thank you
Tristan Honsinger

Time duration: 3 hours each day
Limit of ten people or less
Cost: €45

Infos: +4917669338064
marcvanderkemp (at) googlemail (dot) com


Do 1. September - 20.30h - Concert Jazz Pop
Trio "LILA"

Fr 2. September - 20.30h
- Concert
"7 Soundtracks of imagined crime movies"
feat. Thibault Florent (Guitar)

Sa 3. September - 20.30h - Concert Audio-Visual Free Impro
Christoph Scherbaum (Guitar, Effects, Laptop)
Stefan Schäfer (Overhead projector), Daniela Petry (Double Bass)
+ Clayton Thomas (Double Bass)

So 4. September - 20.30 h - SOWIEKINO
Rehie von Kurzfilme :
Deutschland - 2011

Sprache: Deutsch mit Untertiteln
In anwesenheit der Regisseure

Mi 7. September - 20.30h - Concert Impro (Oslo/Berlin)
Adrian Fiskum Myhr (Double Bass), Tore Sandbakken (Drums)
Andrea Neumann (Inside Piano)

Do 8. September - 20.30h
- Concert Jazz
Joshua Teicher (Guitar, Effects), Sophia Exiner (Piano)

Fr 9. September - 20.30h - Concert
Susanne Beatz (Slide Bass), Charly Piper (Drums)
Marten Muehlenstein (Sax, Melodica) Artus Unival (Ayatar&Soundscapes)
Feat. Thibault Florent (Guitar)

Sa 10. September - 20.30h - Concert
Karl F. Degenhardt (Drums), Maximilian Mäckel (Piano),
Judith Krischke (Double Bass)

Mi 14. September - 20.30h - Concert
Jeff Cloke (London) - Solo
Astrid Weins (Kontrabass), Albrecht Walter (Klarinette, Bandoneon)
Thomas M. Kumlehn (Flöte)

Do 15. September - 20.30h - Concert Impro
Jan Klare (Altsaxofon), Forbes Graham (Trompete)
Meinrad Kneer (Kontrabass), Christian Marien (Schlagzeug)

Fr 16. September - Geschlossene Veranstaltung

Sa 17. September - 20.30h - Concert Impro
Johannes Bauer (Trombone), Paul Dunmall (Tenor sax, Bagpipes)
Chris Heenan (Alto sax, Contrabass Clarinet), Hilary Jeffery (Trombone)
Frank Paul Schubert (Alto sax)

So 18. September - SOWIEKINO

Osteuropäische Nouvelle Vague
Regisseurin: Vera Chytilová CSSR (1966)

Mi 21. September - 20.30h - Concert Impro
Alexei Borisov (Guitars, Bass, Electronics, Voice, Objects)
Olga Nosova (Drums, Percussion, Electronics, Guitar, Vocal)
Dario Fariello (Alto sax)
Paul Schwingenschloegl (Trumpet, Pocket trumpet, Flugelhorn)

Do 22. September - 20.30h - Concert Impro Jazz
Kathrin Lemke (Saxophon), Zoran Terzic (Fender Rhodes/Piano)
Micah Brashear (Bass), Tobias Backhaus (Drums)

Fr 23. September - 20.30h (SHARP!) - Concert Impro
Andrea Sanzvela (Viola), James Wylie (Sax)
Matthias Bauer (Double Bass), Steve Heather (Drums)
Guest: Li Daiguo (Pipa)
The concert starts with an intro of traditional pipa.

Sa 24. September - 20.30h - Concert Impro
"Nestor Makhno"
Francesco Guerri (Cello), Nicola Guazzaloca (Piano)

So 25. September - 17.00-19:00h "Certain Sundays" a salon at Sowieso
(In Kooperation mit Jour fixe der Berliner Geselischaft fur Neue Musik)
Ming Tsao
Andrew Hamilton

Mi 28. September - 20.30h
"Minitimer Katzenposter"
André Rüdiger (Bass), Hannes Vopel (Drums), Thomas Müller (Gitarre)
Stephan Holtz (Gitarre), Arne Koevel (Gesang, Akustikgitarre)

Do 29.
September - 20.30h Indie Jazz
Jörg Hochapfel (Piano), Horst Nonnenmacher (Double bass)
Rudi Fischerlehner (Drums)

Fr 30. September - 20.30 - Concert Impro
Mikaele Pellegrino (Guitarre), Charlotte Birkenhauer (Vibraphone)
Yorgos Dimitriadis (Schlagzeug)

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